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Is it available for late-check in?


Check-in time from 16:00pm to 21:00pm. If you will arrive after 21:00pm, please contact us before. Although check in is possible until 22:00pm in the front desk end. But we may cancel your reservation if you are not coming on that time. Please phone call during 16:00pm - 21:00pm. Overtime can not respond. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we ask for your cooperation.


Is it available for late-check out?


Check out is until 10:00AM. Maximum 2 hours extension available with JPY1,000/hour. Please ask the staff in advance.


Can I store my luggage before the check in?


Please visit us during open hour (9:30 - 14:00). Please note that front desk is closed from 14:00-16:00. If you use a delivery company, please put your reservation name and check in date on it. Luggage keeping service is for free for a day. From 2 days, it will be charged JPY500 per day.


How can I cancel my reservation?


Reservations by Email or Telephone : Please Email or call to us. Free cancellation fee until 22:00 of 2 days before the check in date. After that, it will be charged. Please check our cancellation policy on our website "Reservation" page. Reservations by online booking website (ex: Booking. com or Agoda) : Please cancel your reservation by yourself. We cannot do it from our system. Please check the cancellation policy of the website you used.


Is Wi-Fi available in your hotel?


Yes. If its difficult to connect in your room, please use it in the lobby.


Do I need to bring something to stay?


We provide some amenities. Please check the "Facilities" page about what cost is.


Do you have curfew?


We have no curfew. The entrance door is closed from 22:00 to 9:30 for security but all customer can go and come back with the key which is provided during your check in. Please be careful not to lose it. We will charge you ¥2,000 in case of the lost keys.


Do you have a kitchen in your hotel?


We have no kitchen but electric pot and microwave are available.


Is there any restaurant around the hotel?


Unfortunately, there are few restaurant which are open after 21:00. We suggest you to go Minami-Senju station or Asakusa. Also convenience store or small supermarket are near here.


How go to the main location of Tokyo from Kangaroo Hotel?




●渋谷へ●南千住駅→上野駅[東京メトロ日比谷線/6分] 上野駅→渋谷駅[東京メトロ銀座線/27分]



●浅草へ●清川二丁目バス停→東武浅草駅前バス停[都バス #42/10分]

●東京スカイツリーへ●清川二丁目バス停→東武浅草駅前バス停[都バス #42/10分] 浅草駅→東京スカイツリー駅[東武伊勢崎線/3分]

●東京ディズニーランドへ●南千住駅→八丁堀駅[東京メトロ日比谷線/17分] 八丁堀駅→舞浜駅[JR京葉線/11分]

The nearest station is Minamisenju from Kangaroo Hotel. JR and Tokyo Metro and Tsukuba Express.

●To Narita Airport●Minamisenju Station→Nippori Station[JR Joban line / 5min] Nippori Station→Narita Airport Station[Keisei line Skyliner / 38min]

●To Haneda Airport●Minamisenju Station→Ueno Station[JR Joban line / 10min] Ueno Station→Hamamatsucho Station[JR Yamanote line / 13min] Hamamatsucho Station→Haneda Airport Station[Tokyo Monorail / 13min]

●To Ueno●Minamisenju Station→Ueno Station[JR Joban line / 6min]

●To Akihabara●Minamisenju Station→Akihabara Station[Tokyo Metro Hibiya line / 9min]

●To Shibuya●Minamisenju Station→Ueno Station[Tokyo Metro Hibiya line / 6min] Ueno Station→Shibuya Station[Tokyo Metro Ginza line / 27min]

●To GInza●Minamisenu Station→Ginza Station[Tokyo Metro Hibiya line / 22min]

●To Shinjuku●Minamisenju Station→Akihabara Station[Tokyo Metro Hibiya line / 6min] Akihabara Station→Shinjuku Station[JR Sobu line / 17min]

●To Asakusa●Kiyokawa ni-chome bus stop→Tobu Asakusa Station-mae bus stop[Bus #42 / 10min]

●To TOKYO SKY TREE●Kiyokawa ni-chome bus stop→Tobu Asakusa Station-mae bus stop[Bus #42 / 10min] Asakusa Station→Tokyo Sky Tree Station[Tobu Isezaki line / 3min]

●To TOKYO DISNEY LAND●Minamisenju Station→Hachobori Station[Tokyo Metro Hibiya line / 17min] Hachobori Station→Maihama Station[JR Keiyo line / 11min]